HR Consultancy

How can we support your organisation in advancing your HR agenda?

Drawing on the talent of leading HR associates, we will support you in advancing your HR agenda; specifically in the areas of strategy, change, capability and development

Our approach to HR Consultancy is always suited to the needs of your organisation, is flexible, future focused and holistic. By ensuring that any changes we make together are in support of and aligned to your current framework for employee attraction, engagement, development, talent pipelines and future-focused organisational ambitions, we can be sure that your investment will have both an immediate impact and a sustainable future.

We will look to brand your HR function as a Centre of Excellence within your organisation, clearly identifying those elements of your agenda that deliver a competitive advantage.

  • Strategy – we will design your ‘ultimate’ end-to-end employee experience ensuring all elements of your HR agenda are fully aligned and accessible to your workforce
  • Change – we will support you in your cultural ambitions for change, transformation and transition
  • Capability – we will define the capabilities your organisation requires now and for the future to underpin your attraction and development frameworks
  • Development – we will draw on your capabilities to define a clearly articulated development framework that is inspiring, adds value, and enables your most talented employees to develop at pace

Elements of the above are currently being used within high street health & beauty retailing giant, Boots UK.

It’s important for every workplace to constantly think about how it manages its human capital – how they feel has a direct effect on the bottom line

Jessica Pryce-Jones