At Matthew Radley & Associates we believe passionately in the development of high performing and confident teams. And we believe we have the solution for you…

Team ConfidenceWhat makes us unique is that all of our Team Confidence and Performance Coaching Programmes start with a focus on the individuals within the team, before we go on to look at the function of the team itself.

Our approach

Our personalised approach means that everyone will receive a programme of 1:1 coaching to ensure each individual is operating at their very best in terms of self-awareness, self-acceptance and personal confidence. If any one member of the team is not allowing the key driver of ‘trust’ to be embedded in their relationships then the whole team cannot function to it’s maximum potential. Having supported each member 1:1, only then do we move into a focus on team confidence, culture, and performance.

Team Confidence & Performance

Designed for your needs

As Professional Coaches we are skilled and accredited in using a variety of team coaching methods, and every Team Confidence and Performance Coaching Programme is designed specifically with you and your unique team in mind – nothing comes off the shelf!

Having supported teams internationally and across many sectors using this approach we understand the concerns of leaders, and we work in partnership to address these early on and guide them through the process. Working together we create a solution for you that is both powerful and sustainable.

Team Coaching delivered with the added benefit of the 1:1 coaching experience will add value to every individual, which in turn drives significant team performance through an effective culture with ‘confidence’ at its core.

What the clients say

“Matt has been critical to us building deeper trust and becoming a more effective leadership team at OxfordSM. We would like to thank him for this, and for all the help we know he and his associates are going to give us over the coming months to fulfil our potential.”
Vanessa Andrews, Board Director, OxfordSM Consulting
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